Wow, so you're actually reading a blog post on a wax melt site. Congratulations for getting this far, that's impressive.

So, how did this journey start for us you may be asking? It's really very simple. We realized that there just are not very many businesses that cater to men's olfactory senses, and that's a real shame. There are SO many great scents out there, from the smell of a chair lift ride in the middle of winter to the subtle scent of a dusty scarecrow that may or may not be trying to kill you. And no other companies offered these 'experiences', as we like to call them.

Enter Total Immersion Scentologies. We believe that our sense of smell is one of the strongest senses we have. It's been proven (by actual scientists) that a simple smell can bring back memories long forgotten. So we figured, hey, maybe we can CREATE memories from a combination of scents, for all of mankind. Or at least, for all the men. And that's how Wax Melts For Men began.

We're really glad you're joining us on this journey. Check our blog to hear the latest updates, what new scents we're trying to bring to you, or the origin of some of our classic wax melts. We're excited you're here, and we'll have more news to share soon!

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